Towson Libertarians

  From the minute I walked in the room I could tell this group was pretty organized to say the least.  Jordan Brooks, President of the Towson Libertarians, had an outlined Agenda for… Continue reading

Towson College Republicans

Inform. Engage. Impact.  That is the theme this semester for the Towson College Republicans.  It has been a tradition for the College Republicans to begin every meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  However,… Continue reading

Progressive Democrats Of Towson

I decided it was time to see what the political groups at Towson were up to.  First stop:  The Progressive Democrats of Towson (PDOT).  However, they are in the process of changing their… Continue reading

Worst of the DNC: Governor Martin O’Malley

Governor O’Malley had way too much emotion and was speeding through his entire speech.  I am sure he was conscious of time but it is not a speech that I will remember from… Continue reading

Best of the DNC: President Obama

“If you’re sick of hearing me approve of this message, believe me, so am I.” The best speech of the 2012 Democratic National Convention was President Obama acceptance speech.   Throughout his speech he… Continue reading

Worst of the RNC: Rick Santorum

 “I held its hand.  I shook the hand of the American dream.  And it has a strong grip.” I am sure some of you remember Rick Santorum from the Republican Debates last fall,… Continue reading

Best of the RNC: Mitt Romney

Are you better off now then you were four years ago? That is the question Ronald Reagan asked when he ran against Jimmy Carter in the 1980 election.  Fast forward 32 years and… Continue reading