Most Detrimental Ballot Question to Pass in MD

Maryland Congressional Districts
Maryland Congressional Districts

Most Detrimental:  Question 5—Congressional Districting Plan

Gerrymandering has been used for 200 years to undermine political competition.  Maryland’s 6th congressional district is a prime example of political gerrymandering, where Annapolis Democrats carved the districts in a way that would enable them to pick up another House seat.

If voters had rejected Question 5, it would have sent a message back to O’Malley, that voters have had enough with partisan gerrymandering.  But, Question 5 passed. However, question 5 passed.

For the next ten years, Maryland will have unfair and irrational districts, which means the current elected officials will have no competition.  The support of Question 5 has left voters disenfranchised, communities broken up along district lines, and the political powers of minority voters are now diluted.