Most Beneficial Ballot Question to Pass MD

Most Beneficial:  Question 6—Civil Marriage Protection Act


Before the 2012 Election, voters have had the chance to express their opinion on same-sex marriage at the ballot box in 32 states—all of which failed to support marriage equality.  But, this year was different.  For the first time ever, Maryland, Washington, and Maine voters redefined marriage by popular vote.


With the increase in states adopting marriage equality, it appears our nation’s laws are finally entering the 21st century.  The freedom to marry is a fundamental right that should not have to be won by a popular vote.  No minority should have their rights subjected to the compassions and beliefs of the majority.  If the state is going to be in the business of licensing relationships, then it cannot discriminate against same-sex couples that want to be civilly married. 


I believe the issue of same-sex marriage is a generational one—a battle that social conservatives have lost.  We, as a society, should celebrate when two consenting adults make a lifelong, loving commitment to each other, not forbid it.  Maryland is setting the precedent for all states to follow—where all people have equal protection under the law.