How to throw an Election Party

After months of following both candidates and having our television airwaves saturated with political ads, Election Day is here.  Depending on the results, some people will be happy and others will be sad.  A few key items are needed for success.


  •  First and foremost, you should have a big screen HD TV.  Most guests wouldn’t have the patience for watching the results come in on a dinky 22 inch TV, make sure that your TV is big enough that people can follow the results.
  • Also, laptop devices are good for those political junkies who want to stream exit polls on states that have not been called yet.  Make sure you choose a neutral TV station, such as CNN.  You wouldn’t want to have FOX or MSNBC on where they spent 99% of the time bashing the opposing side.

What to wear:

  • My roommate Ashton and I get along great.  But when it comes to politics, our opinions are drastically difference.  Since this is a patriotic occasion, hosts must dress the part.
  • As you can see my roommate and I endorsed our political hopefuls with our pants choice—subtle but sassy.
  • As a host, you should incorporate some aspect of the party theme into your outfit.


  • Beer, Beer, Beer.  It wouldn’t be an election party without some good old American beer! (Like Sam Adams)
  • Try to have a variety of beer for your guests–(not everyone may like Sam Adams)
  • As far as mixed drinks, try to concoct a blue and red drink—there are so many options out there.
  • Patriotic Jell-O-Shots would definitely be a hit!

Guests:  Just as my roommate and I have different political views, you should invite guests who have a wide range of political views.  Facebook event invites work great at spreading the word and guests can instantly RSVP.  Make sure to only invite as many guests as your space comfortably permits—overcrowded parties could get out of hand.

  •  Patriotic food is a great idea that your guests will enjoy.
  •  Make sure you do a variety of food, incase someone is allergic to one of the dishes.
  • Invite guests to bring a dish of their choice–that way you wont have to do all of the cooking!
  • Jazz up the desserts and food with some election spirit!
  • Suggestion:  You can never go wrong with making a batch of brownies.  Ashton and I made these Election Brownies!