3 House Races to Watch

1. Maryland—6th District

For the last 20 years, Representative Roscoe Bartlett, a Republican, has easily kept control of Maryland’s 6th congressional district.  But with the recent redistricting due to the 2010 Censes, the 6th district was redrawn to give a Democrat challenger an advantage. 

The Democrat challenger John Delaney, a commercial banker and entrepreneur, surprised most Marylanders in the Democrat primary when he defeated Rob Gargiola, who Gov. O’Malley endorsed and had re-drawn the district specifically for. 

This race is even more significant because Question 6 on the Maryland Ballot will ask voters if the new congressional redistricting plan should pass, or be thrown out. 



2. Florida—18th District

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who is seeking re-election in Florida’s 27th congressional district, currently represents Florida’s 18th district. 

Incumbent Allen West, a Tea Party politician from the 22nd district of Florida will be seeking re-election in the 18th district of Florida. Representative West gained national attention in 2010 when he took office January 2011 as the first black Republican Congressman from Florida since 1876. 

The Democrat challenger is businessman Patrick Murphy.  Disgusted with the Tea party in 2011, Murphy switched political parties from Republican to Democrat.  But, the 29-year-old moderate Democrat is a tough competitor for Representative Allen West.

3. North Carolina—8h District

Like Maryland’s 6th congressional district, North Carolina’s 8th congressional district was also re-drawn to unseat the incumbent.  Democrat Larry Kissell has represented the 8th district since 2009 faces a tough fight in his race for re-election. 

Republican Challenger, Richard Hudson has a strong advantage with the newly re-drawn Republican leaning district, but his opponent is an incumbent that knows how to fundraise.