Congress is Old!

A little fun fact for all of you:

At the beginning of the 112th Congress the average age of members of the House was 56.7 years; the average age of Senators was 62.2 years. The United States Constitution requires members of the House to be 25, and Senators must be at least 30.  But, judging by the median age of both institutions few politicians are below 40.

No wonder why young people have such a hard time becoming interested in politics—the majority of our elected officials are double, even triple our age!  Unbelievable.  Below is a breakdown of the 5-oldest/youngest individuals in the House and Senate.

House:  As of October 16, the average age of members of the House is 58.  For a complete list of members of the House click here.

Senate:  As of October 16, the median age of currently serving Senators is 63.  For a complete list of Senators by age click here.

What do you think about the median age of members of Congress?  Leave a comment down below!