Political Party Quiz

Democrat? Republican? Libertarian?

How do you even know what political party you identify with?  Most people end up registering to vote under the same political party as their parents.  But, do you and your parents really see eye to eye on everything?  Maybe you do, but more likely you don’t.

A great way to find out what political party you identify with is to take a political party quiz.  There are several online versions, but below is the one that I think works the best.

My Results:

Overall my political views are closest to those of a Conservative Republican.

On economic issues I am Very Conservative—I even pass the Tea Party Republican mark.

On social issues I am an Average Independent.

I wasn’t really surprised by my results knowing that I am an avid politics junky.  I consider myself to be more independent on social issues, because I think that the government has no right to be involved in an individual’s personal life.  Privacy is important!  As far as my position on economics, I firmly believe in fiscal responsibility.

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Political Party Quiz–Click Here!