Towson Libertarians


Photo Credit: Alexis Gallagher

From the minute I walked in the room I could tell this group was pretty organized to say the least.  Jordan Brooks, President of the Towson Libertarians, had an outlined Agenda for the meeting.  I’ll do my best to replicate it below:

1.    Fed Protest

  • On Saturday, September 22, there are going to be protests outside every Federal Reserve Bank in the country.  A Libertarian Movement that shows opposition to the Fed, central banking, and fiat currency.
  • The Towson Libertarians will be traveling to Washington, D.C. to rally outside of the U.S. Treasury and Bank of America.

 2.    Eric Knowles

  • Eric Knowles is the Republicans Congressional Candidate for District 3 In MD
  • They would like to get him to come to come speak at Towson–maybe even do a joint event with the College Republicans
  • Want to know more about Eric Knowles?  Click here!

3. Tabling 

  • Every other Tuesday the Towson Libertarians will be tabling in the Union to promote their organization as well as handing out information and literature.
  • If you’re a Ron Paul fan, be sure to stop by because they have plenty of Ron Paul bumper stickers.

 4.    Other Events

  • Debate with the College Republicans and Progressive Democrats of Towson
  • Movie showing of V for Vendetta