Towson College Republicans

Photo Credit: Alexis Gallagher

Inform. Engage. Impact. 

That is the theme this semester for the Towson College Republicans.  It has been a tradition for the College Republicans to begin every meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.  However, on some occasions the Treasurer, Dan Blakeney sings the National Anthem instead.

Since this was the first meeting and there were 23 students that showed up, we decided that everyone should introduce themselves to one another.  As a member of the executive board for the College Republicans it was very exciting to see so many new faces at the meeting that were energetic about the upcoming election

Hot Topics:

Foreign Politics

  • Tensions rise in China and Japan over controls the territory of the tiny islands in the East China Sea
  • Libya outburst
  • EU’s financial crisis 


  • Several members commented on the different approaches that Republicans and Democrats used to energize their party base.
  • Favorite speeches of the RNC were: Condoleezza Rice, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie and Marco Rubio
  • Worst of the RNC:  Clint Eastwood, and Rick Santorum
  • Best of the DNC:  Bill Clinton
  • Worst of the DNC:  Barack Obama, Martin O’Malley, and Sandra Fluke

Campaigning Opportunities

  • Matt Gould, an active member of the College Republicans, is currently working as Nancy Jacobs Campaign Manager.  Jacobs, a Republican state Senator is running for Congress in the 2nd Congressional District against Dutch Ruppersberger. 
  • Since the 2nd district is 10 minutes away from Towson this is a great way for members to get experience volunteering for a congressional campaign.
  • Eric Schmitz, President of the College Republicans from 2011-2012, works on Capitol Hill for Congressman Roscoe Bartlett. 
  • Due to the recent gerrymandering in Maryland, Bartlett is in a tough re-election battle.  Several trips have been planned to help phone banking and door knocking in the 6th Congressional District.

Debate Possibilities

  • The political groups on campus at Towson are in the process of setting up a political debate.  A whole host of issues will be covered and members are encouraged to participate.

Voting Help

  • Since there are so many referendums on the ballot in Maryland, the College Republicans will be informing students where they can access information regarding the issues. 
  • Like the Progressive Democrats, the College Republicans feel that political literacy is very important regardless of your political affiliation.