Progressive Democrats Of Towson

Progressive Democrats Of Towson

Photo Credit: Progressive Democrats Of Towson

I decided it was time to see what the political groups at Towson were up to.  First stop:  The Progressive Democrats of Towson (PDOT).  However, they are in the process of changing their name to the College Democrats).  As the Vice President of the College Republicans this was clearly out of my comfort zone, but how bad could it be?


Considering the President was the only member who knew that I was the Vice President of the College Republicans, I decided to tell the rest of the group at the end of the meeting.  I didn’t want them to hold anything back during the meeting, which is why I disclosed my true identity at the end.

But the meeting didn’t have much of an agenda; it was very free flowing and jumping from one topic to the next.  Here is a recap:

T-shirt ideas

  • A Donkey on the back of a t-shirt with the slogan “Asses with Attitude”.  Interesting.

“Donkey Fest”

  • I have no idea what “Donkey Fest” is because it was never explained, but the event will be in the first week of October during the regular meeting time.   

Pennsylvania Campaigning

  • Since Maryland is a blue state, and will likely go to Obama, PDOT is trying to coordinate a trip to the swing state Pennsylvania.  Although, they have yet to make it to Pennsylvania, due to low participation turnout and a problem finding transportation.

Trashing Romney

  • Of course this was expected, I mean this is a political group.

Political Literacy

  •  The President of the group focused on a theme for this semester, which he called political literacy.  He encouraged members to fact-check themselves, and fact-check others.  For example, look at the word middleclass.  When a candidate uses that word what do they really mean?

Photo Credit: Alexis Gallagher

PDOT President: Matt Sanford

When did you decide you were a liberal?

Person #1—“Back when I was in 3rd grade my best friend asked me if I was a Republican or a Democrat.  When I told him I didn’t know what that meant, he replied, ’the Republicans are the bad guys.’”

Person #2—“I didn’t really start to care until it was explained to me.  The economy is not that important to me, but institutionalized racism, and patriarchal issues really bother me.

Person #3—“My grandfather always told met that the Democratic party was for the ‘working man’.  I feel like there are two very different sides.  The liberal side is about helping each other out, and moving forward together.  The Republican side is all about I or me, and who cares about you.”


It was definitely an interesting experience to say the least, but I agree 100% with the idea of promoting political literacy on campus.  What do you think?