Sequestration is Here!

It is time to put aside the hysteria and look at what sequestration really is, since several myths have dominated the debate over the so-called sequestration. What is sequestration? Sequestration or sequester is… Continue reading

Maryland Governor Pushes Wind

A bill written by Gov. Martin O’Malley will help Maryland emerge as a leader in renewable energy.

Story: Alexis Gallagher
Multimedia: Annie Plowman

Electoral College Explained

In the United States we use the electoral college as a means for electing our President.  Check out my new ebook where i explain the electoral college and propose alternative solutions to the… Continue reading

Most Beneficial Ballot Question to Pass MD

Most Beneficial:  Question 6—Civil Marriage Protection Act   Before the 2012 Election, voters have had the chance to express their opinion on same-sex marriage at the ballot box in 32 states—all of which… Continue reading

Most Detrimental Ballot Question to Pass in MD

Maryland Congressional Districts Most Detrimental:  Question 5—Congressional Districting Plan Gerrymandering has been used for 200 years to undermine political competition.  Maryland’s 6th congressional district is a prime example of political gerrymandering, where Annapolis… Continue reading

Capitol Wedding

Everyone wants a wedding they wont forget right? My Uncle had in wedding in Washington, D.C.–yes, the Nation’s Capitol.  It was an unbelievable wedding that I’m sure all of you political junkies will… Continue reading

Marijuana and Same-Sex Marriage Pass

How to throw an Election Party

After months of following both candidates and having our television airwaves saturated with political ads, Election Day is here.  Depending on the results, some people will be happy and others will be sad.… Continue reading

5 Celebrities backing Romney

5 Stars for Obama